During 2017, essays paying tribute to Nolan will be posted here to comprise, by years end, the collection Imagining in Excited Reverie: A Centenary Tribute to Sidney Nolan. Sourced widely within Australia and beyond, they will be written by acknowledged experts and also by relative newcomers to his art, by some who knew the man and by some born after he died, by some from the world of art and by some far removed.  All will examine the author’s personal involvement with either Nolan or his work and how it informs their view of this best known Australian painter of the 20th century.


Essayists include directors, curators, art historians, writers, artistic collaborators, other artists, collectors, gallerists, family and friends. Their contributions will appear regularly throughout 2017.


Links to these essays follow in order of posting.


Mirka Mora.    Meeting in Excited Reverie: Mirka Mora meets Sidney Nolan

Randolph Stow.    Poem in Excited Reverie: Randolph Stow for Sidney Nolan

Brian Adams.    Expatriatism in Excited Reverie

Judith White.    Mick and Sid: Explorers of the Australian landscape

Felicity St. John Moore.    Challenged in Excited Reverie: Sid, Ned and Dan – “Marksman” connections 

Simon Pierse.    Looking in Excited Reverie: Another look at Nolan

David Rainey.    Riverbending in Excited Reverie: Nolan’s Parables of Sunlight